When Pink Should Be Red

by Mark Resch


Proverbs 21:15

When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.

There is a story about an emperor who wanted a new set of clothes. So he sets out and hires the best tailors he can find in his kingdom. Yet sadly these tailors turn out to be crooks and instead of weaving new clothes they begin to spin a tale. They claim the clothes they have made for the emperor are invisible only to those who are stupid and incompetent. No one can see the clothes, yet no one is courageous enough to stand up and say something for fear they reveal that they are incompetent. The story ends with the emperor walking before his people with no clothing on, his people looking on, afraid to speak up until a small child declares what everyone knows to be true: the emperor is not wearing clothes.

Oh that a child would stand up and proclaim: Planned Parenthood is not wearing clothes.

 Today is Pink Out Day.

 What does that mean? Today Planet Parenthood is trying to “turn the world PINK” with trendy hash tags (#StandwithPP), pink facebook covers, and rallies nationwide. For what purpose? According to their event page, today is a day to “fight back after months of outrageous attacks on women’s health and rights”.

 But it doesn’t stop there, I will allow them to speak for themselves:

“Pink Out Day is our time to say: Listen to over a million Americans who are sick and tired of the relentless attacks on reproductive health care. Listen to the one in five American women who has received care at a Planned Parenthood health center. It will tell the anti-abortion extremists and politicians that we are everywhere and we will not let them use fraud and deception to shut down the health centers so many women rely on for care. It will be women and men nationwide standing together to say: We’re not backing down, not today, not ever.”

So today is their day. And they are calling their supporters to stand with them.

And we simply cannot be silent: because standing with Planned Parenthood is nothing less than standing against God. Truth is greater than political correctness…and the truth is that abortion is the murder of a precious unborn human life, and an abomination to God. Do not be fooled, God takes sides. And he does not stand with Planned Parenthood.

Despite their claims there is no fraud and deception being thrown at Planned Parenthood. They had damned themselves with their own words. This has been shown in graphic detail over the past few months:


 The Planned Parenthood issue is not about women’s health, they can use as much fraud and deception as they want and it will not be enough to overcome the truth: this is about the singular issue of abortion and PP is the largest abortion provider in America.

 Abortion. Is. Murder.

 PP and its supporters argue that abortion is complex, that it is about a host of other issues; when in fact it is about a single issue: the life of a child.

 This is not about women’s rights. I am pro women’s rights, and I believe women should have a choice in their career, political candidates, marriage, where they want to live…but I don’t believe any human being, male or female, should have the freedom to chose to end a life. The right to the freedom of choice will never be greater than the right to life.

 This is not about unwanted children being brought into the world…this is about unwanted children being taken out of the world. An unborn human being cannot be prevented from coming into the world, because an unborn baby is already in the world. An abortion does not prevent a child from entering the world; it removes a living child from the world.

 This is not about preventing a rape victim from having a child. It is unjust for an innocent child to be murdered for the wrongdoing of another. Rape does not justify murder. It would be unjust to allow the woman the murder the guilty rapist, why then do we advocate for her to murder the innocent child?

 The unborn is not a potential life, unborn babies are living. They have heartbeats, fingernails, and a soul. No one life is greater than another. You cannot argue that the mother’s life is more important than a potential life, simply because the science of embryology has proven that a fetus is not a potential life*, it is a life, a precious unborn human baby.

 Planned Parenthood represents what I believe to be the greatest evil in our country today: the complete acceptance and even celebration of the taking of innocent lives. There is no more innocent and precious life than that of a human baby, and we are celebrating pulling these human beings apart and selling them for profit.

 We cannot remain silent on this issue.

 Planned Parenthood believes they are standing against extremists, they believe they are standing against religious zealous, oppressors of women, republicans and politicians. But the truth of the matter is that Planned Parenthood is standing against God himself.

 Proverbs 24:11

Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

God is not neutral on this topic. He cares deeply about innocent life. Each and every baby whose life is ended bears the image of God. The destruction of God’s image is a personal attack on the one true God. As Christ followers we have been called to rescue those being taken away to death.

Let us stand up against Planned Parenthood and their lies.

Let us stand up against the evil of abortion.

Let us pray for the repentance and salvation of our enemies. 

Today should not be about pink. Today should be about red. The color of innocent blood.

The emperor has no clothes.

Revelation 6:10

They cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?


* See Abortion by R.C. Sproul (Specifically chapter 4: When does life begin?) and The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf (Specifically chapter 2: What is the Unborn?) for an in depth study of the science of embryology showing that life begins at conception.