High School Update:

Our high school ministry will be meeting in small groups by school this fall. This will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. For more information on where your student’s group is meeting, please email our Students Pastor at m.resch@churchatthegates.org.

Middle School Update:

As we look towards this fall our desire is to create a clean and healthy environment where students can be themselves and grow in their faith while also adhering to the current health guidelines.

We understand this is a different season than we are used to and so we want to clearly communicate our plan for this fall so that you can make whatever decision is best for your student and family.

Middle School 4:12 will be open this fall with the following guidelines starting September 9th:

  • All students/leaders will receive temperature checks when they arrive. If a student has a fever, we will ask that they stay home that week.
  • As long as the Missoula County Mask Mandate is in place, masks will be required for students and leaders at 4:12 with a few exceptions:
o   During active games
o   While eating a snack
  • We are asking students bring their own mask but will have extra available if needed.
  • In areas that we are able we will encourage social distancing but also recognize that with the layout of our building there will be times we cannot strictly enforce this.
  • If your student has a condition that would make wearing a mask dangerous or unhealthy please let me know. 

Our desire is to honor God by complying with current county guidelines as well as continue to foster a good relationship with the Missoula County Health Department so that we are able to remain open and functioning in the midst of this health crisis.

We understand none of this fun and that by sending your student to 4:12 there is inevitably some risk. We will work to minimize this risk so that students can have fun and be themselves but also be safe. We also totally understand if your family opts out of being a part of 4:12 this fall.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Mark Resch
Pastor of Student Ministry
Church Office: 406-549-3350


4:12 High – Tuesday Nights at 6:30 PM @ The Gates

4:12 Middle – Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM @ The Gates