Mark Pritchard

Senior Pastor/Elder

I grew up as a pastor’s kid in a suburb of Chicago. Through the faithfulness of my parents and the church I came to faith when I was a young boy. It was the quintessential picture: me kneeling next to my bed alongside my father praying to receive Christ. My faith grew over the years and truly became a practice in my own life in Junior High after attending a youth conference called “Aquire the Fire.” That conference sparked a passion to study God’s Word and serve God’s people. I attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and shortly after graduating moved to China. I spent two years in China teaching English and planting churches on university campuses. Shortly after that, I attended and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. During my years in China I met my wife, Vanessa with whom we have three kids, Eli, Penelope, and Zoe. Vanessa and I started at Church at the Gates in October of 2016.


Wayne Spencer


Growing up in a loving home, but one where we were not church goers, I led a rough and non-Christian lifestyle. That lasted until I, along with my wife Nancy, finally came to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1975, early in my military career. Since then I have had many Godly men for examples to learn from in my 30 years of travel in the USMC. Nancy and I raised three great kids that are walking with the Lord and unofficially “adopted” many more along the way. One son is married and they are CATG sponsored missionaries in Europe working with Youth for Christ. We were always involved in church activities, were lay leaders in numerous home and church studies, and at times, I served as an elder or administrator, occasionally filling in for the pastor. God has made many changes in my life and thankfully is continuing His work in me. Nancy and I have attended Church at the Gates since December 2011.

Duane Gevock


I was raised in a Catholic home.  Early on the Lord impressed upon me a desire to serve Him.  But is wasn’t until after college that the Lord really confronted me with the need to repent from my sin and to put my trust in Him to save me.   No longer did I just want to be saved from the consequences of my sin,  but I wanted to be saved from my sin and have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A couple of years later I married my lovely wife Connie.  Over the years we were blessed with 4 wonderful children,  Tanya, Joni, Brad, Kari.   We are so thankful for God’s merciful grace early in our lives so that we were able to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  God has continued to bless us with 11 precious grandchildren, and the opportunity to impact their lives for Christ.  God gave me a heart to study the Scriptures, which I have enjoyed for many years.  Connie and I have been blessed to be  married for 35 years.  We enjoy spending time together so much.  We have been attending Church at the Gates  since 2013.


Jordan Johnston

Worship Pastor/Elder

I was born into in a christian home in Gainesville, FL.  In our local church I heard many sermons and Sunday School lessons.  When I was six, God starting putting all those lessons together and revealed that I really was a sinner in need of God’s mercy and the cross of Christ.  In my junior year of college God started to call me closer to himself and put a christian mentor in my life.  God has used a couple key christian mentors in my life and I hope and pray to be used in the same way if God sees fit!  I am so blessed to have an amazing wife, Jenny, and to have a wonderful daughter, Lydia.  Jenny and I became a part of Church at the Gates in 2009.  Jordan’s email is j.johnston@churchatthegates.org.


Adam Painter

Director of Adult Ministry

I grew up in a western suburb near Minneapolis, MN and was raised in the Catholic Church.  After wandering aimlessly through my early 20s, God drew me back to Himself in 2007.  I publicly declared my love for Christ through baptism in 2009 at a mega-church in Rockford, IL.  After spending a decade of my professional career in the television industry, God slowly loosened my grip on the drive for fame.  Having been forgiven much (Luke 7:47), and now in full-time ministry with a degree in meteorology, it is further proof that God uses the “average-sinful Joe” to build His kingdom so that He can take all the credit and get all the glory!  Adam’s email is a.painter@churchatthegates.org.


Mark Resch

Pastor of Student Ministry

I grew up in a Christian home here in Missoula. My parents were on staff with Cru and I was blessed to grow up in a home committed to church and ministry. I remember at a young age praying and asking God to save me. It wasn’t until middle school that I really began to understand what it meant for me to own my decision to follow Christ. Throughout middle school and high school God brought several Christian mentors along who invested their time and energy into me as a young man. It was through this process that I felt God leading me into ministry. I graduated the Moody Bible Institute in 2014 and am currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling from Southern Seminary. My passion is to share God’s goodness in Jesus Christ to the next generation because of how powerfully God used that in my life. I became a part of Church at the Gates in 2013.  Mark’s email is m.resch@churchatthegates.org.

Jeanne Parker

Director of Kid’s Ministry

I was born in Butte and raised in Missoula and Polson, staying in Montana until graduating from Montana State University in Chemical Engineering. During my childhood I learned about God and Jesus at Sunday School but my eyes and heart were not opened to a personal relationship with Jesus until I was 23 in Laramie, Wyoming. This is where I met my wonderful husband Steve who brought me to First Christian Church in Laramie and we started our now 30 year marriage with God as our guide. Since that time God has opened many doors for us all across the country. Starting in Wyoming, we then lived in Ft. Collins, Colorado where God blessed us with two sons, Remington and Jordan. After 4 years in Colorado, job opportunities moved us to Reno, Nevada for 10 years. Here, my walk with Jesus was so enriched by attending MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) with amazing christian women coming along side of me. Next came 3 years in Greenwood, South Carolina followed by Waxahachie, Texas for 9 years. Finally, after 30 years exploring the country, Montana called us home. We are blessed to be back in the mountains where we love to fish, hunt, bicyle, hike and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Steve and I started attending Church at the Gates as soon as we arrived in March of 2015 with a heart to teach God’s love to the next generation.  Jeanne’s email is kids@churchatthegates.org.


Danielle Barrow

Administrative Assistant

I grew up in a Christian family in a small town in the Midwest. We attended church every Sunday, listening to sermons, going to Sunday school, serving, and involved in kids choir and plays. From a young age, I knew God was pursuing me. When I was 11, I said Yes! To a life in Christ and was baptized shortly after. God gave me a faithful family and close friends who invested time to pray, encourage, and set Godly examples for me. I walked closely with God through my school years, but found myself slipping away, curious of worldly things in my 20’s. It was in a place of brokenness that my need for Christ was revealed, and as God continued to pursue and protect me, He convicted me of being a luke-warm Christian. By Gods abounding grace, He drew me back to Himself and has turned my life around. I am enjoying living my life on fire for Him in every area, encouraging and spreading hope to others. I am married to my amazing husband, Jake, and we are raising three teenagers Ollie, Levi and Lydia. We have been attending Church at the Gates since 2012.  Danielle’s email is CG@churchatthegates.org.